The International Gallery of Modern Art in Ca’ Pesaro
Permanent Collection
The International Gallery of Modern Art in Ca’ Pesaro contains important 19th- and 20th-century collections of paintings and sculptures, including masterpieces by Klimt and Chagall and remarkable works by artists such as Kandinsky, Klee and Moore, as well as a rich selection of works by Italian artists and an important section on graphic art. Its layout has been completely redesigned, providing an enlightening introduction to a crucial period in Art History. The inauguration of a totally new hanging of the museum’s collections, proposed under the title of Colloqui (‘Conversations’) at the same time as the Biennale International Art Exhibition 2013 is especially significant in this context. The new layout aims to show and describe the significance of those relational dynamics and elective affinities underlying the great history of contemporary art and of the links between the artists. A narrative but also evocative itinerary offering the museum’s public a dynamic and transverse vision of the entire collection, offering links, dialogues and new views of the 20th century. The common thread running throughout the thematic and chronological itinerary of the new layout is Venetian taste for 20th-century art; an itinerary, moreover, that has expanded thanks to a new policy of long-term loans of some extremely important works, which will make it possible to strengthen Ca’ Pesaro’s holdings with some major early 20th-century names: Boccioni, De Pisis, Sironi, Morandi, De Chirico, Burri etc.

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